Art, Theater and Ideas at The Excelsior

November 3rd, 2009 - In the News, Local Artists, Mike Elsass, Projects

ExcelsiorArt, Theater and Ideas at The Excelsior published November 3, 2009 by Lisa Grigsby

The Excelsior Building was all set to become the latest in luxury loft living- then the market crashed….

And like so often happens, artists helped transform the space into a new reality.  For the past year or so artist/entrepreneur Mike Elsass has been leading the charge to use the amazing open floor plan and window infused walls as a creative space.  The Elxelsior is gaining  quite a reputation for hosting innovative works of art in the Oregon District.

This weekend the building will be alive with multiple presentations.

The first floor will play host to the debut of Dayton latest theater group:

Serve    Enhance    Engage    Dare   =  SEED

The above action statement for this newly formed theater group  should be enough to tell you that this group plans to do things differently.  Adam Leigh, co-founder and Executive Artisitic Director of the The SEED Theatre project wants to “utilize theater as a transformative agent” for individuals and the community, Leigh said. Leigh is no stranger to Dayton theater, having taught the art at Stivers and Wright State and was formerly the director of the Dayton Playhouse… (to read more, click here).

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