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Miraval Spa in the Robb Report!

Followers of Mike Elsass know he spends a lot of his time in Arizona throughout the year. The desert landscapes, fresh mountain air, and beautiful sunsets are an ideal place for an artist to muster up some inspiration. During many of his trips out west, Mike spends his days as an artist-in-residence at Miraval Spa in […]

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A Great Year for Mike Elsass

Mike Elsass has been a part of many great projects over the past year. 2012-2013 has been kind to him! From large scale works installed at Miraval Spa to seeing his work in beautiful homes around America, Mike is grateful for every opportunity. Enjoy the photos below of recent publications, local to national, that showcase […]

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Mike’s Adventures Out West!

While we are all recovering from winter storm Virgil and praying for spring to finally show up, Mike is painting in the hot Arizona sun! Mike has been painting all over the great state of Arizona in the past few weeks. He began his venture painting with guests at the beautiful Hermosa Inn in Scottsdale. This was […]

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Miraval Spa & Mike Elsass…The Full Story

In recent years, Miraval has devoted more focus to the Artist-In-Residence program. Throughout the year, Miraval hosts painters and sculptors who not only use the setting as inspiration but also teach Miraval guests their craft. Mike Elsass has become a guest favorite – he sets up his painting station in the Raindance Pass Courtyard during […]

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