Mike’s work has been shown in galleries and spas across the United States, including the locations listed below:

Atlanta, GA: Catherine Kelleghan

Birmingham, AL: Art Alley

Chicago, IL: Gruen Gallery

Cincinnati, OH: Malton Gallery

Columbus, OH: A Muse Gallery

Dayton, OH: Penny Lane Publishing, and The Color of Energy

Hot Springs, AZ: Justus Fine Art Gallery

Houston, TX: Skyline Art Services

Middletown, OH: Visceral Gallery @ Pendleton Art Center

San Francisco, CA: Art People

Saratoga, NY: Scallions Art Gallery

Saugatuck, MI: Timmel Collection

Sedona, NM: Renee Taylor Gallery

Tubac, AZ: Karin Newby Gallery

Tucson, AZ: Miraval Spa

Yellow Springs, OH: Would You, Could You in a Frame?

Find out why Mike’s work is celebrated across many states. View Mike’s recent projects for inspiration for your own home, then visit the online gallery or any of these galleries to find modern art for sale by Dayton’s own Mike Elsass.