Miraval Spa-Life in Balance

June 18th, 2012

In January 2012, Mike was commissioned to make the 2 largest pieces of his life. These pieces were to be installed at Miraval Spa (Tucson, AZ), in their new, Life in Balance Spa.   The addition to Miraval was created to reflect the spirituality that lies in Arizona’s unique landscape. The architecture and art chosen for the space focuses on sustainability, outdoor relaxation spaces, as well as Minimalism. With these design elements, the spa’s physical environment reinforces it’s connection to the earth in a beautifully, harmonious way.

Please enjoy the photos below of Mike’s entire process on this project, from rusting to installation. Click HERE for blog post about Mike’s experience working on such monumental pieces, and what it meant to him.

To read more about Miraval’s beautiful addition, please visit their site here.


Spa Photo Credit: Miraval 2012