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January 30th, 2012 - Mike Elsass

mike elsass (photo by Annie Bowers)Mike Elsass: Artist Profile by Anna Freidenburg

Mike Elsass became a painter after a career in business and a dream to have time to dedicate to writing. Though mostly self-taught, he acknowledges Roger Sayre as his mentor, the nationally renowned steel artist showed him the possibilities of steel as a surface for acrylic paintings and urged him to experiment with it.

Elsass explores the medium by sanding and rusting sheets of metal in search of new and different textures, then applies multiple layers of paint, shiny or opaque finishes. In the aging of the metals and its imperfections, Mike sees a mirror of the human condition.

The fast drying quality of acrylics allow Mike to work with motivation and speed on several pieces at a time, expressing, as in a musical crescendo, his spontaneity and deep passion for life.

Elsass is an en plein air artist, who stops his wandering whenever the energy of a place attracts him, trying to absorb and then reinvent it. He is dedicated to landscapes that reflect the moment of the soul; his paintings have emotional and visual connections with places of choice and memories beyond the present…. (to read more, click here).

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